Monday, July 18, 2011

Good News for Bloggers and Entrepreneurs

Good News #1: Splize. Imagine Ebay and Facebook combined. That’s what Splize is all about. This upcoming website (still in Beta) combines the power of social networking and online marketplace.

It’s good news for entrepreneurs and wannabe’s out there who are selling or wants to sell products and services online. Being a social networking site, it means you won’t have much difficulty looking for customers. Splize’s job is to keep the people coming to the site and stay connected with each other there.

On the other hand, being an online marketplace, it has built-in mechanisms that support the needs of online sellers.  In fact, Splize uses the “intelligent matching” mechanism wherein, say you’re looking for a car, all search results - not only for cars but also for automobiles and specific brands of cars as well - will be displayed. Pretty cool, huh?

Splize is still on the works right now. It’s on beta. So be one of the first joiners of the site by clicking on the image below! Enjoy!

Good News #2: inWrite

For bloggers, content is king. That means, marketing and the over-all design of the blog only comes next.
Serious bloggers don’t just strive hard everyday to bring forth the best topics that they can publish online. They also strive hard in being accurate with what they write - the grammar, spelling, choice of words and etc. You know the works if you’re a serious blogger. Good thing there is such a team that is ready to help us bloggers with our “Blogreading” needs. Introducing inWrite!

inWrite is composed of a team of proofreaders and editors that offers Blogreading services for serious bloggers.

But what is Blogreading?

Blogreading, as inWrite defined it, is proofreading specifically of blogs. This is being done without changing the bloggers’ style or tone of voice, which inWrite considers as the “heart” of every blog. Click the image below to know more about the inWrite team.

But wait, there’s more! Want some free Blogreading for your blog?

Just copy the URL of the blog post you want inWrite to review and then paste on the field box located at the bottom of the inWrite website. Try Splize or inWrite now. Enjoy!
*Contributed by Mark Joseph Delgado  ('Search for the Blogger Apprentice' participant).


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