Tuesday, December 21, 2010

PLDT TelPad Landline

When I first saw the PLDT TelPad, I thought it looked like an iPad jammed into a fax machine. Interestingly, the PLDT TelPad wasn’t as crude as I imagined. Napoleon L. Nazareno, President and CEO of PLDT, expressed that they are “reshaping the future of the landline”, and I think they’re actually onto something. For one thing, the PLDT TelPad landline phone can now have a digital phone book and surf the Internet.
*Article by Ken Apacible 

Telpad Hardware & Software Features

The PLDT TelPad boasts of a 7-inch touch screen and a 1Ghz Cortex A8 processor. I admit, at first I was skeptical, my initial impression of the interface even reminded me of another phone brand. But after learning that it runs on Android’s OS, I got excited.

It’s also bundled with a broadband myDSL service, which means instant access to the hundreds of thousands of applications available in the Android Market. The tablet computer can be detached, too, which makes it a thousand times more convenient.
Surfing the Net (NomNomClub.com)
But of course, wouldn’t it be even better if you could surf the internet without having to sit next to the phone? That way, you can read the news or watch YouTube videos while you wait for something to finish cooking or during commercial breaks while watching TV. Thankfully, the PLDT TelPad’s developers took this into consideration and made its dock serve as a wireless router, allowing the tablet to remain connected to the internet even when it’s detached upto 25 meters radius, more or less. But then again, you have to consider the walls of the house, and similar obstacles.

I have yet to try the quality of its sound system as well as a communication device. On the other hand, the TelPad can also be plugged into a flat screen TV with its built-in HDMI port. This can significantly enhance your audio and of course, video experience.
PLDT TelPad Applications Dashboard
You can play music and movies with it too, and not just streaming ones. But how are you going to fit your collection into its 2GB internal memory capacity? Fortunately, you can expand the memory space with and SD card or a USB device. I have yet to find out if it supports external USB DVD drives, but it’s pretty easy to transfer files anyhow, so I don’t think it’s much of a concern.

PLDT Executives at the PLDT TelPad Launch including Manny V. Pangilinan
The PLDT TelPad service starts at Plan 1849, which is pretty good, considering you get a 999-peso broadband DSL connection, plus a tablet computer and a (sort of) wireless router. If you’re already a myDSL subscriber, then you only need to pay an additional P500/month to upgrade.

Room for Improvement

I’m a bit of a perfectionist, so I feel the need to point out some of my rather trivial observations:
The red bar says "This tablet is docked. Use the onscreen dialpad"
I found it weird that the PLDT Telpad screen still has the “This tablet is docked. Use the onscreen dialpad” text in the red banner above it (see photo above) even it isn’t docked anymore.

Although handy, it tends to weigh heavy in time, as well.

I Want a PLDT TelPad
A 'docked' PLDT TelPad
I hope to test the PLDT TelPad soon as curiosity piques me about its other features. I wonder if the TelPad can provide internet connection for other wireless devices as well? How long does the battery last after it’s been detached or oin standby? How does it alert you of calls while you’re playing music, a game, or a movie?

What if the tablet gets infected with a virus? Will an antivirus be provided?

Need more info? Check their Facebook account here and apply or reserve a unit now by clicking on the yellow circle indicated in the photo below.
Apply for a PLDT TelPad
I can’t get wait to get my hands on one so I can get answers. Or better yet, you can get a PLDT TelPad yourself and share with us what you find out. :D


  1. Wow! It looks like Apple's iPad! Cool!

  2. Available na ba to? Parang gusto kong mag-avail.

  3. @Kiel - check the seond to the last paragraph for the links on how to reserve or apply for a PLDT Telpad line. :)

  4. i got it already, its cool