Friday, July 1, 2011

Flash Mob Alert: Pain Monsters Battles Advil in Eastwood!

I was on my way to Krispy Kreme Cybermall from the new Eastwood Mall when a number of people started rushing towards the exit door to watch something.

It looked interesting so I thought it was a good time to test the video feature of my new Samsung Galaxy S2 at hand. I turned it on and jumped on the bandwagon of rushing outside. :)

It was a flash mob! A different kind though; I've seen a number of flash mobs which involved spontaneous dancers from the crowd. But this one involved mascots and acrobats in action suits with skits and some dancing. It was like an impromptu theater for kids at Eastwood open park grounds.

Here's the flash mob video I took. :)

It turned out that mascots are the "pain monsters" while the human acrobats represent Advil's new product - Advil Liquid Capsules. It was kind of funny but basically for kids.

In general, it was a good quick show. I know the kids who watched enjoyed them, as well as the adults; especially when samplers were given away to the audience right after the show.

Something different for a Friday night, I guess. :)

As for me, I proceeded to get my Krispy Kreme fix on a drizzling Friday night while waiting for some friends. Good news is...I also got an Advil liquid capsule sampler. LOLS :P

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