Friday, July 1, 2011

Father's Day Hangover? Join Samsung's Dear Dad, I Want a Smart TV!

I really liked the Samsung Smart TV since I saw it the first time in a blogging conference here in Manila. I joined a number of contest as well in an effort to fulfill that desire of actually owning one.

Who wouldn't? With an immersive viewing experience from aesthetic design to content from internet TV to web applications via Smart Hub and SocialTV, this is THE Smart TV. Moreover, the 2D-to-3D up-scaling in vision and 3D sound completes the 3D experience.

Check more details about the Samsung Smart TV in their website
Samsung Smart TV
Good news is - currently, Samsung have another Facebook contest where they are giving away not one, but two Samsung Smart TVs to their FB followers by simply joining the Dear Dad, I Want a Smart TV!

It's quite easy and automated with their FB application. It's also a chance to involve your beloved Father in an online bonding experience. You never know, you might just get him to buy one for the family. :P

Here are 5 easy steps on How to win the Samsung Smart TV for you and your Dad:

1. Like the Samsung Smart TV PH Fan Page and register for the Dear Dad Contest.
2. Select or create your own letter that you want to send your Dad.
3. Type in your Dad’s name and write a personal message about how you can bond with him through a Smart TV.
4. Type in your Dad’s email address and click send.
5. Post it on your wall, share to your friends and get a chance to win a Smart TV for you and your Dad!

I did an entry myself and saved some screens I went through; and finally my letter to dad. :)

My Letter to Dad
Tip: Don't use the background color 'blue'. It camouflages with the application's blue background. Don't commit the same mistake I did. :P

Check out my entry here and "Like" it as well!

So either you still have a Father's Day hangover from two weeks ago or simply forgot to greet dad, this is your chance to make up for it and get a chance to win one (1) out of the three (3) Smart TVs - Samsung D6600 Smart TV 46-inch or Samsung D5500 Smart TV 40-inch - that Samsung is giving away.

You know what to do. :)


  1. wow that was cool,
    i mean nice, super nice? no it was GREAT!!!
    ,em pretty sure my dad will love that "Smart TVs - Samsung D6600 Smart TV 46-inch or Samsung D5500 Smart TV 40-inch"

    thank you for this wonderful blog post.
    -Clear and very well said mechanics,
    -vivid supporting pictures.

    This was indeed a great help for a contest fanatics like me.
    keep that thinking caps on.

    guys what are we waiting for lets join this Samsung's Dear Dad, I Want a Smart TV!


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