Wednesday, May 23, 2012

SOLANE is your new Shellane

Perhaps you grew up with your mother using an LPG tank with the brand 'Shellane' in the kitchen. Well, the 'Shellane' gas you knew is now 'SOLANE' gas.
With the number of new restaurants being opened, myriads of new condominiums sprouting up,and cooking schools being launched here and there, it seems that Isla LPG Corporation was banking on such potential, among others, when they entered into a share purchase agreement with Pilipinas Shell Petroluem Corporation.

The aforementioned sale transaction begun last year and completed early this year where Isla LPG Corp also renamed its company from Shell Gas (LPG) Philippines.
Isla LPG SOlane Officers
Isla LPG Corp Officers (L-R): Ramon D. Del Rosario (Chief Operating Officer), Anna Katrina Barrios (Brand and Communications Manager), Toshihisa Fuse (Chief Executive Officer)
Solane with Shellane's Quality

Having bought the business, Isla LPG decided to introduce the new brand Solane while retaining the level of assurance in quality left by 'Shellane' like a legacy.

In this light, every Solane delivery comes with a free signature 7-point Safety Check which includes assurance of the tank quality and valve safety. Moreover,  Solane's 'hatid-bahay' riders nationwide will performs a weight check of the delivered Solane tank in front of the customer for verification.

Solane LPG
Solane LPG

The Name Solane

The name Solane came from the Spanish word 'Sol' which means sun that radiates heat and energy while "ane" was derived from LPG's two main components - propane and butane. It is also obvious that it sounds very similar and rhymes with the previous brand - Shellane.

Although the 46-year brand was changed, the trademark 'girl flame' was retained.


The Hatid-Bahay hotline is +632.887-5555 or via SMS thru +63918.887-5555.

More Solane presscon photos here.

A Solane Loyalista Plus card is also available offering perks and free collectibles from Solane gas until December 31, 20121. Check out more details at Email them at


  1. Very poor service. We ordered Aug. 7 for 2 tanks one refill and one tank for replacement because of leak up to now it has not been delivered for four days. We are very disappointed. Please send us your direct line where we can give our complain.
    Thank you.

    Linlin Book 0917 9058558, 994 8939, 8908067

  2. yung nagcomment sya yung mayari ng gasul d2 ilagan

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