Monday, July 11, 2016

Philam Life Group's Annual Contribution for CSR

As they say, you can never do too much of a good thing. Solidifying its Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) efforts, Philam Group recently institutionalized its annual donation activity. 
Philam Life

Philam Group institutionalizes annual donation to intensify CSR efforts
Through educational and social programs that benefit a marginalized sector of the population or the society at large, Philam Life, under the theme "Doing Good While Doing Well," has strengthened its commitment to Philam Paaralan.

Philam Paaralan as CSR

Philam Paaralan aims to build classrooms in calamity-stricken areas around the country, in coordination with the Department of Education. To date, the program has constructed 101 classrooms for the past four years.

The Philam Paaralan classrooms are typhoon-resilient, fully-furnished and complete with water sanitation and hygiene (WASH) facilities that are essential in providing schoolchildren a healthy environment conducive for learning.
Doing Good While Doing Well
Doing Good While Doing Well
Tower Club Makati
@ Tower Club, Makati
 In the recent briefing held at the Tower Club in Makati City, Philam Life Chief Executive Officer Aibee Cantos said,
For the past 69 years of philanthropic success, we have been actively enriching the lives of Filipino families through our various CSR programs. This year, we want to do more by pledging a portion of our annual income to ensure our CSR programs continue to expand its reach and enable us to serve more communities.
The Philam Group, composed of Philam Life, BPI-Philam, and Philam Asset Management Inc., (PAMI), has pooled their combined annual donation amounting to Php31 million, which will be used to finance more Philam Paaralan classrooms and other noteworthy projects. A ceremonial check turnover from the Philam Group to Philam Foundation was held during the event.
Philam Paaralan
CSR for Philam Paaralan
Philam Life Advocacy
Philam Life Advocacy
Also present during the event were AIA Regional CEO Gordon Watson, Philam Foundation President Max Ventura, Department of Education (DepEd) Secretary Armin Luistro, and Insurance Commissioner Emmanuel Dooc.

In his speech, Commissioner Dooc commended the Philam Group’s selfless act of institutionalizing its annual donation that would benefit more marginalized sectors of society.

DepEd Secretary Luistro also gave a short message, thanking the Philam Group for being a forerunner in providing support to the education sector. The DepEd has been working closely with the Foundation in identifying schools that are most in need of new classrooms.
In closing, Cantos said, “Given Philam Group’s strong financial position, we want to be able to ‘do good while doing well,’ and we are happy to create a sustainable contribution to the community through the Philam Paaralan programme. In line with our thrust to empower more Filipinos to live longer, healthier and better lives, we want to build more classrooms and give more children a healthy education and a better life for the future.
Philam Group
Philam Group CSR
Philam Life
Philam Group hands-over check to Philam Foundation.  (From Left) Philam Asset Management, Inc. (PAMI) CEO Ferdinand Berba, BPI-Philam incoming CEO Surendra Menon, Philam Life CEO Ariel Cantos, Philam Foundation President Maximillan Ventura, Department of Education Secretary Armin Luistro and Insurance Commissioner Emmanuel Dooc
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Congratulations to Philam Life and Philam Paaralan on this positive development!