Monday, April 25, 2011

Corporate Executive Oscar M. Lopez Starts to Blog

Albeit small, blogging in the Philippines has started since the late 1990s. By then, blogs in general were limited to personal blogs or online version of personal diaries.

By the middle of this century's first decade, niche blogs has started to surface. These are blogs that focus on specific topics like technology, travel, and entertainment.

As the local blogosphere develop, it is good to know that Lopez Group of Companies' Chairman Emeritus Oscar M. Lopez has started his own blog as well.

A leader in his own rite of a 12,000 strong workforce,  Chairman Lopez oversaw the development of First Philippine Holdings Corporation, and other Lopez group of companies, through the years.

Upon reading his blog "Oscar's Summit: Oscar M. Lopez," you may categorize it as a corporate executive blog or an entrepreneur blog; or a mix of both.

Whatever it may be, I think it would be great to see more corporate executives and entrepreneurs start their own blog as well. I believe that by doing so, they can impart some of their thoughts and ideals to the public and eventually inspire those who loook upto them or those who intend to folllow their example.

In one of his older articles, OML shared his thoughts on values and the concept of unity in the context of the Lopezes.
"Whether we talk about religion or revolution, success comes from having a common set of values."
In a more recent article entitled "Why Do I Climb Mountains?", he was a little more personal saying "At the age of 81, I still feel excited on my birthday. I realize there are people much younger than me who keep their birthdays secret and dread each passing year." He compared his aging years to climbing mountains reaching a summit where he considers each added year as a milestone.

Serious or personal, his blog can be an effective medium of interaction and conversation; and you can do that too. The top guns can be human after all.

I would like to end this article with a quote from the same blog about life: "It’s not enough that we eat, work, and sleep. We need to aspire to something greater than ourselves."


  1. I have also started blogging just recently, but it's more of a diary thingy to me. I'm not a pro, I just write what I feel like writing and I don't have any specific forte. And it's really a good source of relieving stress.

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