Friday, June 30, 2017

2017 Global Art Students’ Exhibition: Young Artists Shine

Global Art Philippines recently held the 2017 Global Art Students’ Exhibition with the mission of training children to think creatively while providing the best art learning environment for artistic expression.
Global Arts Philippines
Global Art Philippines held the 2017 Global Art Students’ Exhibition at the upper ground atrium of SM Aura featuring  unique and original works by Global Art students rendered in various media including oil pastel and color pencil, poster color paint on paper, canvas and acrylic paints, and clay.
2017 Global Art Students’ Exhibition

The fun activities took place at the Upper Ground Atrium and in partnership with SM Aura as part of the mall’s Art in Aura event.
Similar to previous years, the annual exhibition put together a carefully curated display of unique and original works by Global Art students rendered in various media including oil pastel and color pencil, poster color paint on paper, canvas and acrylic paints, and clay. A portion of the exhibit area featured some students’ pencil sketch on paper.
Global Art
Global Art Helps Develop Creativity Among Its Students
Each year, we and our students and their families look forward to this event which provides the perfect venue to display their artworks that they had worked so hard on during the program. It’s also an opportunity for our students from different branches to come together and admire each other’s artworks, be inspired, and learn from each other. We are thankful to SM Aura who generously provided a free venue for this event and for their commitment to promoting the arts and young, budding artists like our students,” said Yenny Saw, Country Manager of Global Art Philippines.
The exhibit is in a way a prelude to the much-anticipated National Level Art Competition which will be held on Sept 24, 2017, at SMX AURA, and prepares students in terms of working independently, managing their time, and giving it their best.
Global Art
Beautiful Artworks by Students of Global Art
Over 200 students joined by their families and friends participated in the whole day affair that started from 10 a.m. until 4 p.m.  These budding artists and illustrators came from different Global Art schools in Metro Manila including Ortigas (Greenhills), Katipunan, Fun Ranch Tiendesitas, Makati, Serendra, Alabang, Del Monte-QC, Binondo and New Manila.
We are very much elated on the turnout of participants and the genuine interest of the public to know more about Global Art. We received a lot of inquiries from people asking about our programs. Incidentally, Global Art is offering a back-to-school promo until June 30, 2017 where students can avail of discounts,” Saw shared.
2017 Global Art Students’ Exhibition
2017 Global Art Students’ Exhibition
About Global Art

Established in 1999 in Malaysia, Global Art opened its first branch in the Philippines in 2008 and currently has 15 locations found in Metro Manila, Cebu, Davao, Pampanga and General Santos. The art school is also operating in 16 different countries such as USA, Australia, China, India and all of the Southeast Asia.

Its programs are open to students of all ages – from three to 60 – and include Creative Drawing, Acrylic Painting, Cartoon and Comic, Clay, Sketching, Poster Making and Cultural Program (creating icons of different countries using clay). 

Congratulations to all the young artists and participants and to Global Art Philippines for the success of 2017 Global Art Students’ Exhibition!

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