Tuesday, March 7, 2017

The Art of Investing at the National Museum of the Philippines with PAMI and COL Financial

Yes, the appreciation of "Art" and the science behind "investing" money can go well together! This is such the case when Philam Asset Management, Inc. (PAMI), one of the leading mutual funds provider in the country and COL Financial, the number one online stockbroker in the Philippine Stock Exchange collaborated. 
PAMI COL Financial
PAMI and COL guests pose by Juan Luna’s The Spoliarium in the Main Gallery of the National Museum of Fine Arts. (Photo credit: TJ Davocol)
The team-up held their first ever lifestyle event entitled “The Art of Investing” at the National Museum of the Philippines for COL Premium clients.

COL Financial is one of PAMI’s biggest distributing partner. Their strong online platform has helped PAMI reach clients across the nation. For their first event together this 2017, PAMI and COL invited guests to an exclusive event where they showcased national artist Vincent Manansala’s works in the Philam Life Gallery.
Left to Right: Fund Expert for COL Financial Mr. Marvin Fausto, Head for COL Premium  Mr. Ed Martinez, and PAMI President and CEO Mr. Eric S. Lustre (Photo credit: TJ Davocol)
A true advocate of financial empowerment and Filipino art and culture, PAMI president and CEO, Eric Lustre and COL Premium Head Ed Martinez opened the night with their take on index and passion investing.

Shortly afterwards, Philam Foundation Director, Mr. Max Ventura presented a donation worth Php 1 Million to be used for the upkeep of the paintings at the Philam Life Gallery. This was received by Jeremy Barnes, Director of the Cultural Agency of the National Museum. After the event, guests were led to a guided art tour headed by Ms. Ceres Canilao, OIC of the Art Department.
COL Financial PAMI
Left to Right: Mr. Eric Lustre, National Museum Director Jeremy Barns, and Philam Foundation Director Max Ventura (Photo credit: TJ Davocol)
The exclusive night tour featured key highlights from the Museum such as Manasala’s other works, National Artist’s, Featured Artist Agustin Goy’s and Juan Luna’s Parisian Life and the Spolarium.

Congratulations to Philam Asset Management, Inc. (PAMI), one of the leading mutual funds provider in the country and COL Financial!

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