Wednesday, November 23, 2016

The Amcham Foundation of the Philippines Held a Fundraising Event: “Night at the Races”

Over 200 people attended the recent Thanksgiving celebration of the Amcham Foundation named “Night at the Races” held last November 11, 2016.
Amcham Foundation
Horse owner winner receiving the prize

The event was in support of the Amcham Foundation Scholarship Program, which provides students full tuition fee and other educational support. Held at the New World Hotel, "The Night at the Races" raised enough proceeds to help support 100 scholars of the Amcham Foundation through the sponsorship of the members of the American Chamber of Commerce of the Philippines, through ticket sale and through auction of valuable items.

The tickets sold was unique because it allowed the guests to bet on a horse on a race that had occurred in the past but the winner was not known to the ticket holder.  TheEight videos of horse races, each with eight numbered horses was shown throughout the evening.

  • The guest placed a guess at the booth on whichever horse he or she thinks will win the race.
  • He or she may guess on as many horses and as many times as he or she like. 
  • The guest will be given a ticket for each guess. He or she must hold on to the winning ticket to claim theprize.
  • When all guesses have been placed, the end of the races will be shown and the winner displayed.
  • If the horse chosen is the winner, the guest may collect their prize from the Cashier’s booth.
  • If there aremore than 1 winner, all the winners will be called up on stage to do a draw to win a fabulous prize.
  • At the end of the races, there are lots of items where the guests can use their AmCham script money to purchase the items.

There was a live and silent auction at the end of the program. In the live auction there was an electric piano, paintings and many more valuable items.

The Night at the Races had been held for the last three years and had proven to be very successful in giving all those who attended an experience they never had before.  The gathering is informal with lots of drinks and finger food available plus fabulous prizes.

One of the comments of those who attended was:  “I am glad I brought my friends with me to attend this affair.  It has been an exciting evening for all of us.”
Amcham Foundation Scholarship Program
Guests betting
Guests enjoying the race
More About the AMCHAM Foundation

The American Chamber Foundation is the socio-civic arm of the American Chamber of Commerce of the Philippines.  It is a non-profit, non-governmental organization (NGO) that is an IRS 501 © 3 certified, DSWD certified, and PCNC certified.

It was established in the early 1980s initially as the Amcham Public Relations Committee that gathers favorable information about American companies doing business in the Philippines and disseminating the through the media.

In 1985, it was decided that the Public Relations Committee can do a more active role by participating with the member companies in their corporate social responsibility programs or in coordinating the efforts of some member companies in order to produce a greater impact on the community.  It was therefore incorporated into a foundation with clearer goals and objectives, a separate organization that could efficiently implement programs, and a separate management that could effectively focus on providing administrative help to member companies in their CSR programs.

The Foundation aimed to be the socio-civic arm of American businesses in promoting philanthropy through:

  • Forum on Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) programs and activities;
  • Compilations of AmCham Best Case CSR practices and publishing them in the AmCham Business Journal;
  • Links with other NGOs, government agencies, and other organizations for specific program needs, according to their priorities;
  • Assistance and partnerships with member companies in CSR program development, and monitoring of results;
  • AmCham Foundation's programs on youth development (education, skills training, job placement) and disaster management;
  • Charity fund raising events such as the ScholaRUN, ChariteeGolf Tournament and the Annual Thanksgiving Event.

Mr. and Mrs. Klecheski and Hinchliffe
Times are changing and we are changing with it.  But their goal is to continue to establish a strong partnership with AMCHAM members in working out together the evolving work in CSR.

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