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My First Physical Therapy Session @ ActiveLife

I haven't had any major body-breaking experience in my life yet so I never got to be the  recipient of any physical therapy session. Not until my recent visit to ActiveLife Chicago Physical Therapy Clinic, that is. 
ActiveLife Chicago Physical Therapy
ActiveLife Chicago Physical Therapy

ActiveLife Chicago Physical Therapy Clinic

I recently met Dr. Ron Samaniego through a common friend. He is a registered physical therapist and a doctor of Physical Therapy from Chicago, USA. He has practiced and mastered his craft after more than 17 years in both the Philippines and United States.

He recently came back to the Philippines, not as a vacationing tourist, but as Filipino coming back to his roots with a purpose.

He intended to put up several physical therapy clinics that will cater to patients who are in need of modern PT treatments. And he did so pretty successfully as of this writing.

ActiveLife Chicago Physical Therapy Clinic now has several branches around Metro Manila.
Dr. Ron Samaniego
Jonel Uy with Dr. Ron Samaniego 
Dra. Larraine Vergara MD,
Consultation with Dra. Larraine Vergara MD,
Stretching before and after the procedure
My First Physical Therapy Session

After our first meet up, he invited me to try one of his clinic for a test session, to get a feel of their unique procedures and the PT machines they use. And so I did.

Being a Quezon City resident, I naturally chose the Quezon Avenue branch with the specific address:
ActiveLife Chicago Physical Therapy Quezon Avenue Branch
Unit 805, 1472-1476 Pacific Century Tower
Quezon Avenue, Quezon City
It was my first time in the building but the clinic was easy to find.

As I entered the door with my wife, we were greeted by the desk nurse to which we introduced ourselves. After verification, she had me fill-up a patient form and called on the resident doctor Dra. Larraine Vergara MD, to check up my physical condition. They verified that I don't have hypertension, recent surgery, and the likes, so as to avoid unpleasant repercussions.

After the background check of my medical history and health analysis, they asked for my preferred area of treatment.
Shoulder Pains
Starting on my lower back issue.
Accumatic Machine
The Accumatic Machine
I don't have any major muscular concern at the age of 30+, but I know that I've always had an inflexible lower back and hamstring. I knew this since I tried yoga from a decade ago. After some physical stretching, their diagnosis of my condition concurred.

And so it was.

My lower back was first treated with the  physical therapy accumatic machine which aims to  provides muscle relaxation and tissue healing. It's just like being massaged. The procedure took about 10 minutes while length of time depends on a case-to-case basis per person as we have different levels of pain and tolerance.
Vibrocussor Machine
The Vibrocussor Machine 
Laser Treatment
The Laser Treatment
This was followed by the vibrocussor machine which which seemed stronger in application. It also took about 5 to 10 minutes. My physical therapist said that this procedure is good for releasing entangled muscles which are ften tight and painful.

My third procedure was the Laser Treeatment which is meant for pain relief and deep heating biostimulation. It's smottoh-sailing and the heat involved is comparable to a comfortable hot compress. It also lasted for a bit more than 10 miuntes.

And the last but not the least, My final treatment was with the shock wave machine meant for pain relief and deep heating stimulation for the tissue.

Overall, it was a good experience concluded with some stretching by the physical therapist. The stretching is needed to lessen the possible soreness brought about by the procedure. They would also advise to place a cold pack on your treatmetn area upon going home to minimize bruising and promote faster healing of the tissues.

It was not until the next day that I felt the good effect, actually. It was then that I felt that my lower back pain was gone and I could move freely. :)
ActiveLife Chicago Physical Therapy Clinic
ActiveLife Chicago Physical Therapy Clinic
Physical Therapist
Thank You to my Physical Therapist!
For their other branches near you, here is a quick list:

ActiveLife Chicago Clinic Branches
Near Crossings Mall/National Bookstore
12 Concepcion Condo Unit 212 and 214
General Concepcion, Bagong Barrio Caloocan City,
Pls call or text (0977) 290 0650
Mon to Sat- You can walk in between 10am-4pm 
303 Philippine Business Bank Corporate Center 
1906 Finance drive Madrigal Center 1, Alabang, Muntinlupa (Same building as Ringside)
Pls call or text (0977) 292 1917 or (02) 772 0719 to schedule an appointment or walk in.
Mon Wednesday Fri Sat-You can walk in between 10-4
Pls call 997-5704 for the addresses below unless indicated: 
12 Concepcion Condo Unit 212 & 214
General Concepcion, Bagong Barrio Caloocan City. Behind BIR building along Edsa before Monumento Circle.
FREE Consultation Now 4 days a week, Mon Tues Fri Sat 10-4 for walk ins,
0995-840-7772 Globe 0950-634-7925 Smart 
Gymboree Building Brain Train Center 
Unit 108 Sta. Rosa Business Park, Greenfield, Sta. Rosa, Laguna
Behind Medical City Santa Rosa/ Now open Mon to Fri. Walk-ins between 10-3
FREE CONSULT: (0995)844 1166 Globe, (0950) 6347938 Talk N Text 
150 Plaza Cervantes Street
Binondo, Manila
Mon to Fri, 10-3 for walk ins, (02) 2435398  
1472-1476 Pacific Century Tower
Quezon Avenue, Quezon City Unit 805 
Marian Medical Arts Building Unit 213
Dahlia, Fairview, Behind FEU, (02) 461 3322
Mon Wed Thurs Sat 10-3 for walk ins
ActiveLife Chicago Physical Therapy
ActiveLife Chicago Physical Therapy
ActiveLife Chicago PT will open soon in Marikina, and Makati. 
Thank you to Dr. Ron Samaniego and ActiveLife Chicago Physical Therapy clinic for the trial session! You might want to try and visit them too if you have some sort of physical ailment, or pain on the shoulders and knees, which are their areas of expertise. They also offer treatment packages for multiple sessions if you have a more problematic muscle area that cannot be treated with just one session.

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