Thursday, September 10, 2015

TV5's 'Bllang Plllplno 2016' Multi-Platform Coverage Launched

In a grand launch attended by top honcho Manny V. Pangilinan,  TV5 yesterday launched its electrons coverage campaign,called "Bilang Pilipino 2016". It aims to deliver unparalleled engagement with Filipino voters via data~driven content pushed over broadcast, digital, mobile, and social platforms in partnership with PLDT, Smart, Cignal, Philippine Star, BusinessWorld, Radyo Singko,, and Bloomberg Philippines.
Bilang Pilipino 2016
Bilang Pilipino 2016
This will be a 360-coverage as only the Kapatid Network can deliver," TV5 President and CEO Noel Lorenzana said at the Marriott Grand Ballroom as he raised the curtains on 'Bliang Filipino 2016,' the official handle of the network‘s elections coverage. "Bilang Filipino will be on TV, radio, cable, your phones, computers, tablets, and - thanks to Philippine Star and BusinessWorld, even on newspapers. It will engage with everyone over social media."
"As Filipinos"
“‘Bilang‘ means a number of things, and 'Bilang Pilipino‘ signals three things about our coverage," says News5 Head Luchi Cruz Valdes. "First, it speaks to our content: it will be heavy not just with facts, but with numbers. 'Bilang' commits us to data—driven content So we can assure our audience of reliable information and insights. Second, 'Bilang Pllipino' speaks to our mission: in an electron, every vote, every voter, every Filipino counts. Finally, 'Bilang Pilipino‘ is a call to action. in English it literally also means 'As Fillpinos.,.' Thus, Bilang Filipino, as Filipinos, we are all called to be responsible, to take these elections seriously, to think beyond the elections for the betterment of our nation, ‘Bliang Pilipino' carries this promise: We will deliver not only as professional journalists, but as proud citizens of a hopeful Philippines.”
TV5 Bilang Pilipino
TV5 leads this Bilang Pilipino initiative

Boto sa Pagbabago
Boto sa Pagbabago

News5 Head Luchi Cruz Valdes promised "the fastest, deepest, and most Credible election coverageleveraging not only off the multi-platform distribution capacities of the PLDT Group of which TV5 is a member, but also of strategic partnerships forged with government, civil society, the academe, and the private sector.

Bilang Plllplno 2016 will be mounted in cooperation with, among others: Comeiec, Namirei, PPCRV, CBCP, KBP; academic communities of the Pamantasan ng Lungsod ng Maynila, Aleneo, UP, FEU, UST‘, the Social Weather Stations, Makati Business Club, Philippine Business for Social Progress, Philippine Chamber of Business Commerce and Industry. TVS will also have as technology partners PLDT Alpha, Voyager, and Tales.

Bilang Pilipino Partners
Bilang Pilipino Partners including PLDT, Smart, Cignal, Philippine Star, BusinessWorld, Radyo Singko,, and Bloomberg Philippines 
Multi-Platform 360 Degree Coverage
Multi-Platform 360 Degree Coverage
Bilang Pilipino Partners
Bilang Pilipino Partners
Moreover, using satirical approach, they have created the character of BAYAW for President who represents a traditional 'politiko' or 'trapo' who embodies a corrupt government official who buys votes and uses unfair election methods. Using comedy to put light into the matter, the campaign aims to make Filipinos realize not to support 'Bayaws'. 
BAYAW for President
Satirical "BAYAW for President"
Rich Content, Widest Reach

Lorenzana said TVs will have seamless content partnership with Philippine Star, the country's leading broadsheet daily, BusinesswWorld, the Philippines' leading business newspaper, Radyo Singko, the No. 1 all-news FM station,, which, given its phenomenal growth was recently announced to be spun off from TV5 as a standalone digital news platform, and Bloomberg Philippines, instantly a game-changer in business news coverage in the cable industry dominated by Cignal TV. 

"This wide and deep partnership for content will be amplified by the unparalleled reach afforded by our technology and platform partners," he said. "Beyond the broadcast audience or TV5 and Radyo Singko, we will reach more than 75M million PLDT, Smart, Sun and TrnT subscribers, more than 11.2 million combined fans and followers on Facebook and Twitter, the millions of registered mobile users empowered over Voyager's free-data Safezone community."
Bilang Pilipino Launch
MVP leads Bilang Pilipino Launch
Bilang Pilipino 2016
On All 4 Screens
Noel Lorenzana
TV5 President and CEO Noel Lorenzana
Bilang Pilipino 2016
Bilang Pilipino 2016 Team
Congratulations to TV5 for this innovative and relevant initiative. Let our voice be heard and 'counted' for the 2016 Philippine Elections. Mabuhay ang "Bilang Pilipino 2016"!