Sunday, August 16, 2015

Interested in Growing with Money Tree?

Philam Money Tree
Philam Money Tree
There are too many get-rich-quick schemes nowadays. We almost forgot about the essence of hard work and proper investments.

Moreover, many Filipinos – particularly young urban professionals – are highly prone to the “one day millionaire” mentality, wherein their monthly salary vanishes in the aftermath of a spending spree. While there is nothing wrong with enjoying your hard-earned cash, smart money management stipulates that a good percentage of your income be set aside for savings and investments.

Unfortunately, keeping your funds tied up in a basic savings account hardly maximizes its potential.

According to statistics taken from the website of the Banko Sentral ng Pilipinas (BSP), the 2014 weighted average of interest rates for savings accounts is 0.626% and time deposits are 1.033% per annum. The compounding interest is not currently keeping up with the rate of inflation, which according to data from the World Bank, was at an average of 3.0% in 2013, and 4.1% in 2014. The disparity is significant since the savings accounts and time deposit rates are gross. Over an extended period of time, the purchasing power of money stashed away in a bank will significantly decrease.

Growing with Money Tree

Driven by a need to offer a better investment alternative, Philam Life, an AIA Group Company, has Money Tree, a one-pay investment and life insurance plan that lets you maximize your money’s growth potential. The key advantage of Money Tree is that it provides a faster investment vehicle for your money to grow, while providing insurance protection at the same time.

With a one-time investment in Money Tree, clients may benefit from the earnings of Philam Life’s expertly managed funds of their choosing, such as the new PAMI Philam Equity Index Fund, which provides investors with long-term capital growth through an opportunity to invest in the largest stocks in the Philippine Stock Exchange Index.

Other funds are also available to help achieve the various goals and satisfy the different risk appetites that investors have.

For added security, optional supplemental benefits may also be attached to the plan, such as accident insurance, critical illness coverage, and additional life insurance coverage on top of their basic plan.
Philam Life knows and understands the real life needs of our clients. We saw that in this dynamic market, investment earnings and insurance protection could be seamlessly combined,” noted Philam Life Chief Marketing Officer Jaime Jose M. Javier, Jr. “The fact that it is a one-time payment product also adds greatly to its flexibility and convenience,” he further added. 
Money Tree Elite
Philam Life's Money Tree Elite

For clients who are looking to further maximize their wealth’s growth potential by investing a higher amount, Philam Life also offers Money Tree Elite.  It gives investors the opportunity to grow their money faster as it allows them to enjoy high long-term growth potential with zero entry fees or premium charge for investment, while also providing a guaranteed life insurance benefit of at least 125 percent of their investment.
Money Tree and Money Tree Elite are exceptional products that can be used to achieve a variety of financial goals: supplementary income, life protection, and capital accumulation,” Javier concluded.
Know more about the Money Tree and Money Tree Elite, at their website