Friday, March 13, 2015

What Does Robin Padilla & ASCOF Lagundi Have in Common?

Robin Padilla
Robin Padilla
We have been using Ascof Lagundi at home as a natural cough medicine. We have also known Robin Padilla as one of the leading men in Philippine showbiz. But do you know what they have in common?

They both support an organic lifestyle!

It may not yet be known to many, but Robin Padilla, together with the support of his wife Mariel Rodriguez, have started shifting their diets and way of living towards an organic lifestyle since about three years ago.

On the other hand, Ascof Lagundi of PascualLab has an organic farm in Nueva Ecija and a number of manufacturing plants to process the leaves of the Lagundi plant promoting it as a natural cough medicine for 19 years now.
Robin Padilla Ascof Lagundi
Robin Padilla for Ascof Lagundi
 Ascof Lagundi Press Conference
Ascof Lagundi Press Conference
From his old "Bad Boy" image, Robin is now shifting towards a "Good Boy" image. But please do take note that this is not a gimmick or a temporary show-off endorsement. In fact, it's the other way around. When Ascof approached Mr. Padilla for this endorsement, he immediately made it clear that he is not inclined to promote synthetic medicine products which he himself does not want to use as he prefers to use herbal medicines in real life.

“‘Nung unang pinitch sa akin ‘to, sabi ko ayaw ko ng mga gamot kasi hindi ako uminom ng gamot kasi kami ni Mariel organic [living]… pero ‘nung nakita ko na organic talaga ang ASCOF Lagundi [pumayag na agad ako],” says Robin in an interview when he visited LAC Farms, one of the country’s biggest OCCP (Organic Certification Center of the Philippines), GAP (Good Agricultural Practices) and GMP (Good Manufacturing Practices)-certified organic farm owned by Pascual Laboratories, the maker of ASCOF Lagundi.
Ascof Forte Adult
Ascof Forte Adult Natural Cough Medicines
Ascof Lagundi Tablets
Ascof Lagundi Tablets
So after realizing that Ascof Lagundi is a natural medicine and after trying its efficacy himself. the partnership flourished. Robin Padilla is now its newest brand endorser.

Robin Padilla
Celebrity Robin Padilla
“Marami po tayong gamot na maiinom na available over-the-counter na gagamutin ‘yung sakit mo pero sisirain naman ‘yung liver mo,” says Robin.

Ascof Lagundi Natural Cough Medicine

Cough being one of the most common sicknesses in the Philippines resulted in the increase in number of cough medicines, all with claims to be the most effective in addressing it. While this is true, not all brands can claim that they are natural and organic.

ASCOF Lagundi, an herbal medicine, is one of the few that can claim that it is natural, organic, and effective against cough. It has a luwag-tunaw combo action against cough—a bronchodilating effect that widens inflamed/constricted air passageways in the lungs, giving relief to the patient, and a mucolytic action that melts phlegm for easier expectoration.

On a personal level, it is indeed Good News to know that PascualLab chairman himself, Dr. Abraham F. Pascual, is pushing towards the advocay of healthy living and development of ng natural products since the Philippines is rich with these resources. This is aligned with Robin Padilla's passion for the organic lifestyle.
Meron tayong moral obligation sa mga taong naniniwala sa atin na dalhin natin sila sa tama. Ito ang paraan natin to give back, [to only endorse] the truth. Itong organic medicine is the best na maibibigay natin sa tao,” says Good Boy Robin Padilla.
 TV Commercial of Robin Padilla endorsing Ascof Lagundi Cough Medicine
Watch out for the new TV Commercial of Robin Padilla endorsing Ascof Lagundi Cough Medicine
Having produced Lagundi leaves from its own certified-organic farm, we can be rest assured of Ascof Lagundi's commitment to quality products, standard, and technology.


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