Sunday, June 16, 2013

From Wastes to Chairs: Villar Foundation Opens Waste Plastic Recycling Factory

Waste to Chairs
Waste to Chairs
Creating jobs while promoting sustainable development - why not? Newly elected Senator Cynthia Villar stood by her campaign jingle of #MisisHanepBuhay by fulfilling her promise of creating livelihood for the poor and at the same time protecting the environment.

In cooperation with Sen. Manny Villar and Las Pinas Rep. Mark Villar, they opened the first Waste Plastic Recycling Factory in Metro Manila which turns plastic wastes into durable school chairs in time for school opening this June. It is  situated in Barangay Ilaya, Las Pinas City as a pilot project of the Villar Foundation.

From Waste to Chairs

Mrs. Villar went to Davao herself to check if the technology is really working. “...we thought of processing these plastic wastes and come up into something useful. That is when I read about this technology in Davao, which processes plastic wastes into school chairs,” shares Mrs. Villar.
Waste Plastic Recycling Factory
Waste Plastic Recycling Factory
The plant can produce about 1,000 armchairs in one month made with “soft plastics”. These can also be made to look like wooden chairs with changeable parts. Amazingly,  these chairs could last up to 20 years.
In processing the unavoidable plastic wastes into something useful, like school chairs, we are not only cleaning and protecting the environment, but we are, at the same time, providing livelihood to the poor – to the workers in the factory who are processing the wastes,” Villar adds. 
Villar Recycling
Desks, benches and other types of furniture can also be made from the same raw materials
Villar served as Congresswoman of Las Pinas for 9 years and became Managing Director of the Villar Foundation, where she continued providing livelihood projects in 200 towns and cities all over the country.

Text Scam Alert

Moreover, the Villar Foundation is warning the public not to believe text messages circulating around that use their name. They have no existing raffle promotions. Please do not be victimize by fraudulent text messages.

Launch of the VIllar Foundation recycling plant in Las Pinas
Launch of the VIllar Foundation recycling plant in Las Pinas
We hope more recycling factories similar to the Las Pinas Waste Plastic Recycling Factory will be created around Metro Manila for the livelihood it brings and the environmental benefits as well. Kudos to Senator Cynthia Villar and the Villar Foundation.