Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Be a Cat@lyst: Globe Tattoo & Global Shapers Manila Join Hands

Cat@lyst Revolution
Cat@lyst Revolution
Globe Tattoo and Global Shapers Manila recently launched a nationwide tech-based competition with an aim for social change. They call it Cat@lyst.

Cat@lyst is Tattoo's corporate social responsibility initiative that envisions today’s youth to do and cause a chain reaction of positive action through modern technology. In cooperation with the Global Shapers Manila, it is hoped that the campaign will be more effective and relevant.

Global Shapers Manila Hub is composed of young extraordinary individuals with great potential for future leadership roles in society. It is part of the Global Shapers community, a global program of the World Economic Forum.
Karen Davila
Karen Davila Gives Speech during the Cat@lyst Launch
Moreover, it seeks to promote the use of innovative ICT tools to provide solutions to real community problems such as air pollution, traffic enforcement, crime prevention, to mention a few.

Youth as the Cat@lyst

But of course, the advocacy involves a call to action from the general populace to make it relevant and worthwhile.

We are looking for a realistic solution that has an ICT component and has the potential to be replicated in other communities. We need young people who have a genuine desire to help,” said Dong Ronquillo, Head of Tattoo Nomadic Broadband Business.
Globe Tattoo Global Shapers Manila
Globe Tattoo & Global Shapers Manila Collaborate

How to be a Cat@lyst

Filipino citizens, aged 18-30, is welcome to present a project that focuses on a specific need and addresses a social issue. They should be able to demonstrate the practicality of the project and how it can be executed technologically via mobile or web while mobilizing stakeholders.

Criteria for the entries include, the ff:
  • Innovation – demonstrates creativity and originality
  • Implementation Feasibility – proposal should be executable in the given timeline
  • and proponents should demonstrate capability to mobilize stakeholders involved
  • Impact – provides a long-lasting solution to an existing social problem
Weaving Demo
Weaving Demo
Five winners will then be chosen in June and will be awarded a P200,000 cash grant for program development, mentorship, and ICT support.
We want to show that our youth can serve as catalysts for change by contributing their insights and solutions to social challenges,” shares Tattoo Ambassador and Global Shaper Bianca Gonzalez.
Be the Change You Want!
Be the Change You Want!
Application forms may be downloaded from the Cat@lyst website to be filled up and submitted via email. They can submit the proposal via a one-minute video entry from May 2 to 31. Know more details through the website indicated above.

Do you 'Believe in Change'? Then fuel this advocacy by being the source of the innovation. Join Globe Tattoo and Global Shapers Manila in the Cat@lyst Revolution!