Friday, October 12, 2012

Election Season Begins: Cynthia Villar Files CoC

I have always exercised my right to vote since I entered the age of eligibility.  Although some citizens have expressed their disgust for the Philippine government, I have always remained hopeful and looked forward to giving my ONE VOTE to running national and local officials.

Somehow, I wanted to show the world that I care and that my single vote plus the vote of other citizen, all together can form ONE BIG VOICE of whom we want in office to run our government.

In the Philippines, election season happens every three years for the local elections while the presidential elections happen every 6 years.

The upcoming year 2013 will see through another local elections but includes half (12) of the senatorial line-up for the national elections.

The national elections always comes up as an interesting topic from the small chitchats with sidewalk vendors up to heated debates in national television.
Villar Supporters
Villar Supporters at the Manila Cathedral beside COMELEC Bldg

Cynthia Villar Files Certificate of Candidacy

One of those who have openly expressed intentions to run for office early on is Mrs. Cynthia Villar, former congresswoman of Las Pinas and wife of current Senator Manny Villar who also run for Presidency in the latest presidential elections.

Mrs Cynthia Villar, under the Nacionalista Party wing, filed her certificate of candidacy last October 2, 2012 at the Palacio De Gobernador in Manila which houses the main office of the Commission on Elections (COMELEC).

Palacio De Gobernador (COMELEC bldg)
The Orange Support

It was a rainy morning but it didn't deter Mrs. Villar's supporters in welcoming her with a parade of colors, unmistakably orange, which is the color of the Villars. Complete with band and cheers, the showcase of support dominated the public road fronting the Manila Cathedral  just beside the COMELEC building.

Upon the invitation of the Villar camp to cover this event, it was a first time for me  to witness first hand such a public rally of support for a running official.
Cynthia Villar Banners
Cynthia Villar Banners
Villar Family
Villar Family
Senator Manny Villar
Senator Manny Villar supports Mrs. Cynthai Villar

Mrs. Cynthia Villar arrived past 10am together with husband and son, Senator Manny Villar and Mark Villar, respectively.

After greeting and personally shaking hands with her supporters clad with an orange umbrella bearing her namesake, she and her family proceeded into the COMELEC building to officially file her certificate of candidacy (CoC) for the 2013 Elections this coming May 13, 2012.
Cynthia Villar Files CoC
Mrs. Cynthia Villar Files CoC

Certificate of Candidacy
Cynthia Villar files Certificate of Candidacy

As media, we were able to access and cover the actual filing. This was my first time to personally witness such as well. There were a lot of media outfits from print, broadsheet, and broadcasting.

Interview with the press
Interview with the press
After the filing of the CoC, Mrs. Villar was also interviewed by the press. Some of the questions thrown at her were issues related to the alleged 'early campaigning' and her qualifications for a Senate seat.

She readily answered that the Villar Foundation ads pertained to were for the 20th anniversary of the Villar Foundation and not for her campaign.

As per her qualifications, she highlighted that she has already served the public for years as congresswoman in the district of Las Pinas and was active in supporting her husband as a senator.
Senator Cynthia Villar 2013
Cynthia Villar officially declares to run for Senator in 2013

COMELEC Promulgation

Today (October 12, 2012), the COMELEC has promulgated Resolution No. 9540 regarding the Certificates of Candidacy for the position of senator which has officially included Mrs. Cynthia Villar.

I guess it's high time once again to be vigilant and get to know the official-wannabees who will run our government. Know your candidates as early as now so that you can make that wise decision to whom to give that important responsibility of running our Philippine government because it is us who places them in power. Exercise your right to vote, for yourselves and your children.

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