Monday, January 30, 2012

Classrooms Made of Bottles? (Philippines)

It's weird idea turned great. After watching the YouTube video featuring the rise of bottled classrooms in the Philippines, I was amazed.
On the second look, I was not surprised anymore with the idea after seeing Ilac Diaz as one of the people behind the concept. Ilac has been on the sprwal with bright ideas. A few months ago, I saw him in another effort of using plastic bottles as a source of daylight in low cost houses.

Back to the Bottled Classrooms, this time, they are used on walls.
Classrooms Made of Bottles

"A new solution to the old problem of the lack of classrooms in the Philippines - classrooms made out of glass and plastic bottles. On CCTV News."
Watch this YouTube video and be inspired (Photo and video credit to CCTV News/CNTV ). Think!

I hope that this idea of 'Classrooms Made of Bottles' in the Philippines would prosper with it's dire need for affordable good classrooms for its public education system.