Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Guess Who's Coming to Dinner with Coca-Cola?

Has it ever happened to you that you missed someone on the dinner table? It may have been a relative, a friend, or a loved one perhaps. who ever he or she is, would you wish to have them back?

This is the similar case of a lot of families here in the Philippines - specially those who have relatives who had to work abroad as Overseas Filipino Workers (OFWs) to provide for the financial needs of their families back here in the Philippines.

Do you know at least one of those 11 million OFWs?

OFW Joe Marie Ballon

An example is x=ray technician Joe Marie Ballon (top photo), a Filipino currently residing in Al-Hofuf, KSA (Saudi Arabia). He is 38 yrs old and has been away form his aging parents in Molo, Iloilo for almost 5 years. he had to be away to support the health-care needs of his parents. He wanted to come back last 2009 but had to extend his stay because his father was hospitalized.

OFW Leonie Villanueva

Currently in Milan, Italy, Leonie Villanueva has had multiple jobs for about 9 years babysitting and caring for a 99-year old man. Being a widow, all she has are her 3 grown-up daughters in Quezon City whom she wishes to be with this Christmas.

OFW Joey Doble

Our third case is similarly in Italy. His name is Joey Doble. He has been in Milan for 11 years now and misses his wife and kids.

His simple wish this Christmas is to be able to be with his family and do simple things with them like fetch his children from school or have picnic with them on one lunch. Giving them a surprise Chrristmas gift would also be a plus.

It is sad to note that a lot of Filipino children have to lose a father or a mother for a number of years in exchange for hard earned cash. Although it provides for their needs and help the government's economic standing, losing a parent or a child is something no one wants.

A gap is left, longing for love, for happiness.

The Good News

We remember the times in the dinner table when the family was still complete, celebrating and merry-making with a bottle of Coca-Cola not missing in the picturesque scenario of family-bonding and cheers.

And this year, Coca-Cola intends to bring just that. To bring back those cherished moments with the OFW families by starting with a few.

Hence, the "Happiness is Home" project launched. Coca-Cola brought about good cheers to the above-mentioned OFWs by fulfilling their dreams of being with their family and loved ones. A cherished gift that no one can take away and will forever be remebered.

Take a moment and allow them to share a heart-warming video with you. 

With every sip of Coke, remember someone whom you missed for dinner. Say a little prayer for them and make a wish. You never know "who's coming to dinner" tonight. :)

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