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Gran Prix: Not Just Our Ordinary Econotel

Ber months is the busiest month in my calendar. I have a trading business that needed my personal expertise. I’m a hand on business woman. It’s a 24/7 commitment in my part, to make sure that everything will run smoothly. There are times that I don’t go home at all.

*Contributed by Lariza Garcia
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There are instances that my children, my husband or a friend would accompany me during the trips that I made that are connected with my business. Some of my stops would be in Baclaran for apparel. I do business in Valenzuela for some plastic ware items. I could go far north or south depends on what things or stuff I need to purchase. With that situation, I rely on inn or lodge as part of my agenda. With all the dust and dirt that I will gather during my trip, I would love to check in a place where I could feel comfotable and welcome.

I would like to share a short story before I proceed with the good news. It happened December of last year; I was so tired due to the hectic schedule that day. Filthy yet happy because of the large sales I made. I had no time to go home but I do feel a need to take a bath and to sleep even just for an hour or two for I had to be back at the stall the earliest possible time. I’m alone and opted to just look for the nearest lodge that I could find. I check in to one of the known econotel in the nearby area. I was alone and although I feel hesitant to check in because the lodge is stereotype as a motel even though they promote it an econotel, I’m really tired to complain. Upon entering, four pair of eyes stare at me, as in scrutinizes me from head to toe. I still proceed to the reception area, inquire about a vacant room and get my self ready to pay. The answer that I got was not nice to hear, I was turned down. They told me that they don’t accommodate guest that are alone.  There I was tired and wanted to take a bath and with the capacity to pay and yet was turned down. I don’t have the energy to argue and was so disappointed with the kind of customer service they provide. From then on, I vowed never to set put in their chain of so called econotel. For me, I just opted to go home just to change and went back to Divisoria without a rest.

Now, for the good news. I was lucky to find out that there now exists a new class of econotel. Gran Prix Hotel is strategically located in the different parts of Manila Pasay, Cebu, Boracay and Tarlac. Today, I experience first hand what these new econotel could offer to a person like me. I could be a mother with her children, a wife with her husband, a person with her barkada or a friend or just alone during a trip. Gran Prix is indeed a real econotel that I would feel at ease to check-in.Blogger Manila search for Blogger Apprentice 2011gave way for us to experience all of these feature and amenities.

Upon arrival to Gran Prix, a security guard opens the door of the econotel for us (take note, with a smile in his face and a sound good evening).

Together with my co-bloggers, we were again greeted with a welcoming smile from a receptionist. She was so accommodating to what ever questions or inquiries that we raise.  She requires one of us to fill up a form. A customer form that would contain some detail that would be important in case we left something in our rooms upon check out (what an extra mile gesture worth noticing) When we indicate that we are ready to go to our room, a bellboy appear to assist us with our baggage and personal belongings (I don’t find that kind of service on ordinary econotel; in five star hotel: yes)

I feel so tired and grubby that the first thing that came into my mind is shower. I hurriedly look for the bathroom. I may forget to bring my toiletries but Gran Prix provides a full set to each room.
The shower was so relaxing. There were hot and cold, and I could simple do my own intermix for the temperature. I feel so refresh and alive afterwards.Oh my, the towel surely smell nice, not that smell that will hurt your senses.  With my energy back to its high peak, I’m ready to explore the area. I’m very particular with regards to the safety and security of the building. There are several unfortunate events that happened because of these criteria.

Here are the reasons why I can sleep soundly and not worry during my stay.

You can check you visitor without opening your door with these door holes

Every room has their own fire exit plan to avoid panic during unforeseen event

The building is equipped with the latest technology of fire system

No need to worry for sudden brown out and changing of generator, a ready emergency light are placed on strategic area
Unauthorized person could enter to your room, only hotels provide this type of lock mechanism

There are fire extinguishers located at every corner of the building.

In case of emergency, well lighted fire exit doors are located in areas near your room

The interior of the building is a welcoming site. A homely atmosphere I could say. No distraction of any sort was place on walls. Each room was a fresh sight, just a few pictures hangs here and there to add colors in your eyes.

Each room has its own purpose. The deluxe room for single or with companion traveler. A superior room for a group. A Family room that could accommodate 2 adult and 2 kids. An economy room for the barkada with a cost of 375/pax is worth trying. Each room could add additional bedding for a minimum cost. You could also extend your time of stay with just an extra cost.

The bed is just right, not to soft but not so hard
A table was place near my bed with a phone, when I call for room service
The air con installed are quite for a sound sleep I might add
There’s the Hot Cups cafeteria  for everyone to enjoy  their breakfast. You may opt to take your breakfast in your room. This comes with those who reserve for an overnight stay accommodation.

Don't forget to bring your laptop and ipod, for there's a wifi waiting for you
I was so happy to find out that with all the features and amenities Gran Prix can offer. The prices are affordable and yet all the services and amenities provided are high class.

Now, I will surely recommend that you too try the services and amenities that Gran Prix could offer.
We never know when we will need a place to stay during our trips.
May it be during a strong storm and flood?
It’s the nearest place to stay when you want to relax a bit before traveling again.

Here is a sample rate from Cubao Branch

De Luxe Room - P1,455.00
Superior Room - P 1875
De Luxe Suite - P 2,000
Superior Suite - P 2,500
Family Room - P 2,330
Economy Room - P 375/px
Ministay (3-5hrs) - P525
Extra Person - P 265
Extra Time- 125
* These prices may change without prior notice

Gran Prix is stopover worth staying
For more details you can check their website:

*Contributed by Lariza Garcia
 ('Search for the Blogger Apprentice' participant).